Self-Pack Air Freight Company

Moving overseas can be a greater thing. But let’s not forget the international shipping that you need to do. Read below to ship your belongings via air freight.

Overview for Domestic and International Air Freight Services

If you are moving overseas and you want to pack by yourself to save money, then you need to contact the international air freight which provides self-packing. 

This company is the solution to help you. It is the cheapest way to move overseas. The company will provide all the shipping service. So you don’t have to worry all of your belongings. When you moving overseas, it’s better to use air freight since it is more efficient than sea freight. 

Although the cost is expensive than the sea freight, since you are self-packing your belongings, the cost will not as expensive as the usual. 

The self-pack international shipping company will help you too. What are the company’s roles in the self-pack shipping process?


How to Pack things into the Container

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International Air Freight

1. Clothes

When you want to pack your clothes, you can use hanging wardrobe boxes to pack dress, suits, jackets, and coats. The alternative is to pack them in a medium or large box. Actually, you can fold your clothes in the suitcase but this will make your clothes get wrinkled.

2. Books

It is best to pack books in smaller cartoon because books can get heavy.

3. TV and computer

The best way to wrap TV and computer is wrapping the item in the original box and original packing. If you don’t have the original box you can wrap them I bubbles wrap then place them into the box.

4. Dishes and glassware

For dishes and glassware needs to be wrapped separately using bubble wrap or you can use paper if you don’t have bubble wrap. A tip for you: place crumpled paper at the top and also bottom top of the carton for extra to lighten the load.

5. Kitchenware

Kitchenware, pans, and pots can be stacked into boxes with crumpled papers in between. You need paper or bubble wrap to pack anything breakable. After you wrap them, you can place them in a box. You can also fill the space in a box with old newspapers. Please make sure to place the heaviest items at the bottom of the carton.

Packing by Yourself

Young couple unpacking cardboard boxes at new home.Moving house.

Since you will choose air freight to ship your stuff, the safety is guaranteed. You need to focus on the containers.First, you need to have the perfect size for the container to carry your belongings. The containers must have enough room for them to be lifted into the place. Second, you should pack your own cartons and wrap yours owns furniture and others things. But you can ask the company to pack your things. Take a note that not all companies can do a full-service packing, so you have to prepare to do a little more planning and work. 2021 - Copyright © All rights reserved.